The One With The Kiss Cam

Media Type:Audiobook
Romantic Comedy
Narrator(s):Justis Bolding
Publish Date:03/12/2024
Run Time:9 Hours, 51 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


It was just one date.

My friend told me I needed more fun in my life, so I reluctantly said yes. Fun wasn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. After watching my own mother’s love life implode time and time again, it’s only natural that I have a few rules to protect myself.

Actually, it’s just one rule: avoid relationships with men so I don’t get attached.

I wasn’t worried. Getting attached has never been a problem for me. This guy was just a warm body in a chair. I was here for the basketball game. I was absolutely NOT here for my date.

Or the kiss cam.

Or the kiss.

Or the impromptu evening with the one man who seems bent on throwing my tidy world off of its axis.

But when my life takes a nose dive, he’s also the man who seems bent on proving to me that good men do exist, dreams can come true, and sometimes throwing out the rule book is when the magic really starts to happen.