Season’s Schemings

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Austin Rising
Melissa Moran
Publish Date:02/27/2024
Run Time:7 Hours, 39 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


When Maddie Grainger’s longtime boyfriend dumps her on TV for the entire world to see, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom.

Until her parents announce that they’re spending the holidays with her ex’s family…and he’ll be bringing the woman he left her for.

All Maddie wants for Christmas is to stick it to her cheating ex. But how?

Enter Sebastian Slater, the NHL’s most infamous player.

On a drunken night out in Vegas, Maddie asks the superstar athlete to pose as her new boyfriend. She’s kidding, mostly. But Seb shocks her by making a counter offer: he doesn’t want to date Maddie for the holidays…he wants to marry her.

Show up at her ex’s cabin alone or with a surprise new hockey-playing husband? Maddie opts for the ultimate level-up.

Because maybe, just maybe, revenge is a dish best served betrothed.

Sparks fly and Christmas cheer is abundant in this festive marriage-of-convenience romcom. Season’s Schemings is a closed-door/fade-to-black romance that includes mild language, innuendo, and tons of sizzle without the spice.