The Mystery Writer

Media Type:Audiobook
Mystery & Crime
Narrator(s):Katherine Littrell
Publish Date:03/19/2024
Run Time:10 Hours, 53 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Katherine Littrell portrays Theodosia, who gives up her law studies in Australia and goes to stay with her brother, Gus, in Kansas to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Littrell’s strong characterizations and use of accents create believable and likable characters. In fast-paced dialogue Littrell seamlessly moves between Australian and American accents, letting the humor that is sprinkled throughout the twisting plot shine.” – Audiofile Magazine

Theo Benton decides to move to the United States to finally finish her novel, and she is soon drawn into a literary labyrinth where identity is something that can be lost and remade for the sake of sales and readership.

When her mentor and lover is brutally murdered, Theo wants the killer to be found and justice to be served. But when the prime suspect turns out to be her older brother, Gus, Theo does what is necessary to protect him—to save him. Then she disappears. But the writer has left a trail, a thread out of the labyrinth in the form of a story. When Gus finds that thread, he follows it, and in attempting to find his sister, inadvertently, or perhaps recklessly, threatens the foundations of the labyrinth itself. In order to protect the carefully constructed deceit, Theo Benton, and everyone who ever looked for her, will have to die.