Fish Out of Water

Media Type:Audiobook
Romantic Comedy
Narrator(s):Cassandra Myles
Publish Date:02/13/2024
Run Time:8 Hours, 32 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


When Dahlia Weathersby’s sister disappears on what should have been a simple day hike, Dahlia immediately heads to the Colorado Rockies to find her. Knowing that she’ll never survive the mountains alone, she convinces the local hermit, grouchy Winston Dane, to be her guide. All it takes is a good helping of Dahlia’s charm—and just the teeniest bit of blackmail—before she’s got all six-foot-something of him wrapped around her finger.

But it’ll take more than charm and some city-girl ingenuity to make this mountain adventure anything but a disaster waiting to happen.

As the two retrace her sister’s trail deep into the wilderness, they’re forced to face wild animals, bad weather, and a slowly simmering attraction helped along by a single shared sleeping bag. Dahlia’s never felt more out of her element—or more certain she’ll never fit into the gorgeous world Winston calls home. Yet as it becomes increasingly clear that Dahlia’s sister isn’t just missing but may have been taken, Dahlia and Winston will have to work together to find her in time…as they face everything the Rockies have to throw at them.