Kawika Wong Mystery, Part 2

Death in Hilo

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Kurt Kanazawa
Publish Date:02/20/2024
Run Time:10 Hours, 17 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


It’s been twelve long years since Detective Kawika Wong was tasked with solving the brutal murder of the infamous real-estate developer Ralph Fortunato—a case that led to more bodies than answers and a slew of complicated and ancient secrets, a case that made his career. Now, the once rookie detective is next in line to be Honolulu’s next Chief of Police. But all is not well on Oʻahu or the Big Island.

For weeks, Kawika and his team have failed to catch an elusive serial killer known as the “Slasher.” He strikes quickly and efficiently, and he doesn’t make mistakes. But when a freshly decapitated body is found at a previous dump site, Kawika’s gut tells him something isn’t quite right. Who is this victim, and why does Kawika feel that this one doesn’t belong to the Slasher?

To make matters worse, a hungry young journalist, Zoë Akona, is investigating the questionable outcome Kawika and his then-superior Terry Tanaka produced in the Fortunato case, and her snooping leads to an official review that jeopardizes everything Kawika’s worked so hard for.

But Detective Wong knows that, no matter what, he must find a second murderer even while the “Slasher” continues to strike. The investigation takes him back to the Big Island—and to the long-dormant case the reporter Zoë Akona won’t leave alone. Kawika is about to discover what happens when the secrets of the past catch up with the promises of his future.