Twenty-Seven Minutes

Media Type:Audiobook
Mystery & Crime
Narrator(s):Nikki Thomas
Publish Date:01/30/2024
Run Time:9 Hours, 51 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


One question has haunted the claustrophobic town of West Wilmer for the past ten years: why it took Phoebe Dean’s brother and driver of the car, Grant, 27 minutes to call for help on the fateful night of the accident.

Grant Dean lost everything that night: his sister, his future, his standing in town. Still struggling under the weight of his grief and guilt, he turns to alcohol as the anniversary of Phoebe’s death ticks ever closer. On the outskirts, quiet and isolated June Delroy is reeling from the recent death of her mother and is concerned when her troubled brother, Wyatt, returns after a decade-long absence. While she is relieved to no longer be alone, she cannot stop questioning where he has been these last ten years. And why return now? But Wyatt Delroy knows the truth.

Over the three days leading up to the decennial commemorating Phoebe Dean’s death, their grief will peak, dark secrets will be unearthed, and what really happened that rain-drenched night will finally become clear.