What Mother Won’t Tell Me

Media Type:Audiobook
Coming of Age
Narrator(s):Ella Lynch
Publish Date:01/09/2024
Run Time:6 Hours, 40 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Deep in the forests of Nordland, in a cabin on a small island, Juno has lived in almost complete isolation since early childhood. She has only Mother, Father, and her little brother Boy for company. They live in constant fear. Because danger lurks on the other side of the lake, seeking them out—Strangers, as they call them, who want to take revenge on their father and destroy the family.

They live safely, under seven strict commandments—until everything changes. When Juno is spotted by a Stranger she sets in motion a chain of frightening events and, in an increasingly threatening new reality, starts to suspect that more than a few secrets have been kept from her. She doesn’t know her parents at all, and she doesn’t know herself. But whoever Mother and Father are, they’ll do anything to keep Juno to themselves.