Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Ellis Evans
Fiona Aarington
Publish Date:03/15/2021
Run Time:4 Hours, 32 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Trevor Doran is trying to fit into civilian life now that he’s no longer working secret missions for the government. But his job as a financial investigator for a security firm doesn’t give him the thrill he needs. With his last love dead from a mission gone wrong, he doesn’t need that kind of life anymore. His attention soon turns to the beautiful, shy Emma Clark—a friend of his sister who intrigues him. She’s sweet, sensual, and delightfully submissive to his kisses. When Emma starts receiving unwanted attention from a secret admirer, he steps in to help. Then the case he’s investigating at work gets messy. Now, danger’s afoot, and it’ll take all of his skills to keep Emma safe—and all of her patience to get him to open himself up to love again.