My Latest Grievance

Media Type:Audiobook
Coming of Age
Narrator(s):Piper Goodeve
Publish Date:02/20/2024
Run Time:8 Hours, 38 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“This audiobook is performed with verve and nuance by Piper Goodeve. Her light intonation and high pitch are perfect for her portrayal of sharp-witted 16-year-old Frederica. Goodeve brings out the sly humor, as well as the social commentary running throughout. Her astute character portrayals are distinct and lively, and her relaxed pacing keeps listeners engaged with all the turmoil on campus. ” – Audiofile Magazine

Massachusetts, 1970s. Born to a pair of “bleeding heart” professors who live on campus as dorm parents, Frederica Hatch soon finds herself the unofficial mascot of Dewing College. Life is so ideal that by the time she becomes a teenager, Frederica finds herself chafing under the care of “”the most annoyingly evenhanded parental team in the history of civilization.”” But she’s about to learn that life isn’t as simple or idyllic as it seems—even amid the manicured lawns of a small women’s college like Dewing.

A new dorm parent has just arrived on campus. Laura Lee French is glamorous, worldly, and the former wife of Frederica’s father. Suddenly, Frederica sees her parents’ lives—and by extension her own—in a whole new light.