Coven of Bones, Part 2

The Cursed

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Fantasy: Paranormal
Narrator(s):Ellis Evans
Emilia Bauer
Publish Date:12/12/2023
Run Time:10 Hours, 3 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media



He was the deception waiting in the night; the truth I never saw coming. After a lifetime of manipulation, I finally learned the truth. I was his puppet—even if I never saw my strings.

Even knowing how deep his betrayal runs, I can’t shake the undeniable connection between Gray and I—the way a single glance from him sets my soul on fire. We are not the same. We’re enemies, poised to battle for the future of the very thing I’d wanted to destroy.

With the Covenant gone, the revenge I thought I wanted is no longer my priority. The witches that remain played no role in my aunt’s death, and the only person standing in the way of righting those wrongs is the very man determined to keep me in his bed.

But the remaining members of the Coven will never forgive me for the role I played in their demise and subjugation, and the worst part of all is that I can’t even blame them for it. I’d been naïve, believing my own delusions of grandeur when destiny clearly had other plans for me—plans that had been set in motion centuries before my birth.

But even that had been a lie, and now it is my duty to do everything in my power to undo it, to protect my Coven from my husband’s hatred—no matter the cost.