Florida Keys Bed & Breakfast Cozy Mystery Collections, Part 1

Florida Keys Bed and Breakfast Cozy Mystery Collection

Books 1-3

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Aida Reluzco
Publish Date:11/21/2023
Run Time:12 Hours, 48 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


This collection includes the first three books of the Florida Keys Bed & Breakfast Cozy Mystery series.

Book 1: Murder Mystery Book Club
Eva Stewart runs a charming bed and breakfast in the Florida Keys with her talkative parrot. One of her favorite things to do is read murder-mystery novels. She even has a murder-mystery book club. When a dead body is found near the bed and breakfast, Eva has a real murder mystery on her hands. Can she help solve the mystery, even if it implicates one of her esteemed guests and ruffles the feathers of the local police department, or will her book smarts be the end of her?

Book 2: The Graveyard Thief
Eva Stewart has been focusing on her bed and breakfast in the Florida Keys since a murder mystery turned her life upside down. When her morning walk takes her near the cemetery, she stumbles across another dead body. With the help of her murder-mystery book club, she sets out to help the police solve another mystery, whether they want the help or not. Can she sort through mysterious guests, surprising revelations, and police force intent to keep her safe and away from the investigation?

Book 3: On the Wings of Murder
Eva Stewart has taken up a new hobby: photography. What better place to take pictures than the Great White Heron Refuge? While capturing the local wildlife on film, she stumbles across a dead body, and her book club jumps on the case. Can they find another killer, or have they finally gotten in over their heads?