The Manor House Governess

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Cloud Quinn
Publish Date:11/07/2023
Run Time:10 Hours, 29 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


“Cloud Quinn gives a beguiling performance of this queer and atmospheric ode to Jane Austen. Bron is queer, gender fluid, lonely, and obsessed with Austen, Brontë, and other nineteenth-century British authors […] A lively, suspenseful production.” – Audiofile Magazine

Orphaned young and raised with chilly indifference at an all-boys boarding school, Brontë Ellis has grown up stifled by rigid rules and social “norms,” forbidden from expressing his gender identity. His beloved novels and period films lend an escape—until a position as a live-in tutor provides him with a chance to leave St. Mary’s behind.

Greenwood Manor is the kind of elegant country house Bron has only read about, and amid lavish parties and cricket matches, the Edwards family welcomes him into the household with true warmth. Mr. Edwards and the young Ada, Bron’s pupil, accept without question that Bron’s gender presentation is not traditionally masculine. Only Darcy, the eldest son, seems uncomfortable with Bron—the two of them couldn’t be more opposite.

When a tragic fire blazes through the estate’s idyllic peace, Bron begins to sense dark secrets smoldering beneath Greenwood Manor’s surface. Channeling the heroines of his cherished paperbacks, he begins to sift through the wreckage. Soon, he’s not sure what to believe, especially with his increasing attraction to Darcy clouding his vision.

Drawing energy and inspiration from Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, E.M. Forster, and more, while bowing to popular fiction such as Plain Bad Heroines, The Manor House Governess is destined to become a modern classic.