Happily Ever Homicide, Part 2

Heidi Lucy Loses Her Mind

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Ellen Quay
Eric Fox
Publish Date:11/07/2023
Run Time:10 Hours, 8 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Heidi Lucy has a secret—a big one. A scary, dangerous, ugly one.

There’s just one problem: thanks to a mysterious head wound, she can’t seem to remember what that secret is.

In order to regain her lost memories, Heidi sets out to retrace her steps—followed grudgingly by Soren, a faithful patron of her little bookshop and the less-than-thrilled recipient of the cryptic voicemail she can’t remember leaving.

But her journey gets derailed when one of Heidi’s customers drops dead in the middle of her shop, and it isn’t long before both Heidi and Soren come under suspicion. Something fishy is going on in Sunshine Springs, and if they want to find the truth, they’re going to have to hunt for it themselves.

Who killed the woman in Heidi’s bookshop? What secret has Heidi forgotten? And, maybe the most crucial question of all, who gave Soren permission to look so good in a man bun?