Ferryman, Part 3


Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Fantasy: Paranormal
Narrator(s):Chloe Pirrie
Publish Date:10/31/2023
Run Time:8 Hours, 18 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Dylan and Tristan have finally found their place in the world of the living, guarding it from any wraiths that manage to break through from the wasteland. But it seems that in escaping death, they have upset a careful balance—more and more wraiths are appearing in their world, causing destruction. The wasteland itself is changing as well, with safe houses becoming less safe and wraiths acting more human than ever. When two innocent souls are taken by the wasteland in place of Dylan and Tristan, they must choose: let others be unjustly sentenced to death or sacrifice themselves and be separated forever. Will Dylan and Tristan risk everything for their love? Or is there another way for them to set the world right?

This final book in their unforgettable story, which began with Ferryman and Trespassers, invites listeners to share in the power of first love as two soulmates fight to stay together for eternity.