Smoke Series, Part 2


Media Type:Audiobook
New Adult
Narrator(s):Ingrid Greene
Benjamin D. Walker
Publish Date:10/17/2023
Run Time:6 Hours, 54 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Loving a man known for his wealth, arrogance, and power had been a mistake. My head had known he was dangerous, but my heart hadn’t cared. When the lies began to unravel and the truth slapped me in the face, running was the only thing I knew to do. I didn’t belong in this world. His world.

But you don’t run from The Family. Not when they claim you as their own. Trusting anyone is a mistake. Friendship is only as deep as the Boss allows it to be. You are never hidden. They will always find you.

Every move I made, he controlled. The people helping me were all under his command. The only weapon I had was his obsession with me. Learning to use it against him could destroy me, but I had no other choice.