The Messes, Part 4

The Prisoner

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Nick Mondelli
Paul Heitsch
Carrington MacDuffie
Heather Costa
Publish Date:10/10/2023
Run Time:5 Hours, 41 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Fiona Denali’s mind is a fortress of secrets: things she can’t tell, people she must protect. She never wanted to hurt anyone, but they hurt her first. Now, she must protect the one person she can still count on—herself.

On the run from anyone who knows her face, Fiona crosses paths with a man whose eyes seem just as haunted as her own. She could save him…but he could destroy her. It’s a choice she’s had before, but last time she chose wrong.

Logan North is done. His life is over. Eventually, they’ll catch him and kill him. And honestly, he can’t see much reason why that’d be a bad thing.

The only thing keeping him moving is the girl who seems to need him more than she realizes. He had no intention of ever helping anyone again. Not after the last time went so wrong. But Fiona may make him rethink his plan.