Predator's Smile

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Dion Graham
Publish Date:12/31/2019
Run Time:7 Hours, 25 Minutes


An arsonist’s twisted handiwork claims hundreds of lives in the roughest neighborhood in New York—Daredevil’s turf. Daredevil digs up the root of the problem and comes up with a ruthless crime boss bent on brutally wrestling control of New York’s underworld from the corrupt clutches of the Kingpin of Crime.

The new crime boss’s enforcer? The bloodthirsty Bullseye, master assassin with a pathological enmity for Daredevil. Bullseye takes to his work with deadly efficiency, killing his way towards the Man Without Fear.

Daredevil is forced to ask for help from the Kingpin—his deadliest foe—before Bullseye’s fatal obsession and an explosive gang war destroy the city he’s sworn to protect.