The Amazing Spider-Man

Mayhem in Manhattan

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Tristan Wright
Publish Date:12/03/2019
Run Time:4 Hours, 6 Minutes


STUPENDOUS! Of course it’s stupendous. It’s ol’ Spidey himself in his first—yes, first—full-length novel.

SINISTER! When a baddie drops out of a sky-high window (Did he jump—heh heh—or was he pushed?), Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson wants Spider-Man to take the rap. Has the wall-crawler come to the end of his rope? Does his life hang by a slender thread?

GLOBAL! To swing clear of this one, he’s got to snoop on an international oil conference. There’s blackmail! Radioactivity! And a welcoming committee of death-dealing arch-villains!

DIABOLICAL! Who’s behind it all? Think hard, ‘cause we’re not telling. But it just might be that too much tendril looms large in Spider’s formidable future!