Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy!

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Richard Rohan
Terence Aselford
Full Cast
Publish Date:10/29/2019
Run Time:6 Hours, 44 Minutes


These are not the Avengers or the Fantastic Four—in fact, they’re barely even famous—but Rocket Raccoon and the faithful Groot are the baddest heroes in the cosmos, and they’re on the run across the Marvel Universe!

During a spaceport brawl, the infamous pair rescues an android Recorder from a pack of alien Badoons. Everyone in the galaxy, however, including the ruthless Kree Empire and the stalwart Nova Corps, seems to want that Recorder, who’s about as sane as a sandwich with no mustard.

Join Rocket and Groot on a free-for-all across the stars while they try to save all of existence—again!

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