The Living Vampire

Media Type:Audiobook
Supernatural & Paranormal
Narrator(s):Austin Rising
Publish Date:05/13/2021
Run Time:8 Hours, 52 Minutes


Seeking to cure his rare blood disorder, Dr. Michael Morbius instead cursed himself with an insatiable lust for human blood. While trying to cure his horrific condition, he has become allied with Amanda Saint, whose sister, Catherine, is one of the leaders of the Demon-Fire Cult. Also known as Poison Lark, Catherine Saint has two goals above all else: to bring Satan to Earth, thus unleashing the powers of Hell, and to kill Morbius and Amanda.
Morbius and Amanda follow the cult’s trail to New York City, determined to stop Poison-Lark at any cost. But when they run afoul of an underground fight club that uses monsters as their pawns in the arena, Morbius becomes the star attraction, forced to kill or be killed…