Forever Young

Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Richard Rohan
Full Cast
Publish Date:09/29/2020
Run Time:7 Hours, 15 Minutes


Hoping to snag some rent-paying photos of his arachnid-like alter ego in action, Peter Parker goes looking for trouble—and finds it in the form of a mysterious, mythical stone tablet coveted by both the Kingpin and the Maggia.

Caught in the crosshairs of New York’s most nefarious villains, Peter also runs afoul of his friends—and the police! His girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, isn’t too happy with him either. And the past comes back to haunt him when the Maggia’s assumed-dead leader resurfaces in pursuit of the troublesome tablet. Plus with Aunt May at death’s door, has the ol’ Parker luck disappeared for good?

Based on the classic Stone Tablet Saga, this novel has been adapted and expanded for the present.