Deadly Cure

Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Tim Paige
Publish Date:08/24/2021
Run Time:2 Hours, 10 Minutes


A scientist finds a way to create perfect humans, heal the lame, and cure the sick. Dr. Aron Esterhazy’s new formula can even turn ordinary people into superbeings. Everyone who finds out about it wants it—but who will control it?

Spider-Man wants to make sure the serum doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands… but it may also cure his Aunt May.

Hobgoblin wants to become a superpowered player… but it may also allow him the revenge he seeks.

The Kingpin wants it to create an army of super-thugs… and cure his wife.

Daredevil wants to keep it out of the Kingpin’s control… but it may also restore his sight.

One person will use it. One person will die. But who?