The Venom Factor

Media Type:Audiobook
Action & Adventure
Narrator(s):Jackie Meloche
Publish Date:09/21/2021
Run Time:7 Hours, 41 Minutes


In a Manhattan warehouse, an innocent man has been murdered during a mysterious crime. Evidence points to the involvement of Venom—the alien symbiote obsessed with Spider-Man’s destruction. Yet Venom has always safeguarded innocent lives. Has Venom gone completely around the bend, or is there another suspect?
Spider-Man thinks there is more to the crime than meets the eye. The spectre of the Hobgoblin, one of Spider-Man’s nastiest foes, falls on a series of thefts and leads the web-slinger to a deadly secret that may cause New York’s destruction.
Now Spider-Man must outsmart two of his deadliest enemies to save the city—but even more danger awaits him!