Empire High, Part 2

Empire High Elite

Media Type:Audiobook
New Adult
Narrator(s):Laurie West
Publish Date:10/15/2020
Run Time:11 Hours, 12 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


My mom fell in love with a monster. I know he’s dangerous. And I know my mom never wanted him in my life. I don’t want him in mine either. But I’m being forced to live with him. I’m stuck in his haunting apartment in a world where I don’t belong. A world full of beautiful people with ugly souls. A world filled with secrets. And the one person that I thought I could rely on was Matt. But he says my new family is a disease. Does that make me toxic too? Is that why Matt wants to keep me his dirty little secret? I should have known that all the secrets would come crashing down soon. I just never expected more to break than Matthew freaking Caldwell breaking my heart. This second book in the series includes a bonus short story called Matthew Caldwell, The Untouchable.