St. Just Mystery, Part 5

Death in Print

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Lorna Bennett
Publish Date:08/01/2023
Run Time:8 Hours, 24 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


University of Oxford tutor and bestselling author Jason Verdoodt has it all: acclaim, women, money…and an enemy or two. When he’s found dead at the bottom of the stairs during a celebratory reception at St Rumwold’s College, many wonder if seething jealousy of his literary success has turned someone’s mind to murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Arthur St. Just becomes inescapably drawn into an investigation that takes him down the historic streets of Oxford and into the hallowed halls of its university. Alongside his fiancée, crime-fiction writer Portia De’Ath, he uncovers several motives for murdering the celebrated but insufferable Jason—whose next novel may be a threat to many in his orbit—and no shortage of suspects who are nursing a grudge from the first novel.

Has someone decided to write revenge into the plot?