The Elemental Realms, Part 1

Nexus Guardian Book 1

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Narrator(s):Todd Menesses
Publish Date:07/25/2023
Run Time:18 Hours, 11 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


You know the drill, right? Die in an unfortunate accident and then get sent before a sultry-looking goddess who sets you up for reincarnation. Todd was all set to return to Earth and give his soul another ride through the roller coaster called life when something extremely unfortunate happened: the Earth was destroyed by a giant meteor.

Already primed for Reincarnation, he was given only one other option, but it involved him rising again in an unknown land where magic wasn’t just in the stories. Want more details? So did he! There wasn’t time to ask much, so he went with it! But like all good Isekai stories, he was given a boon, and he asked for an attractive pixy guide to join him on his journey. Or at least when he asked for a fairy, he assumed that the sexy outfit and attractive part was a given. Turns out what they say about assuming is 100% correct.

Reborn as a “Reincarnate”—a bit on the nose with the naming, but whatever—he stumbles his way through his first moments of a new life. His guide is barely any help at all. The grumpy rotund fairy named Frank would rather sleep and drink himself into a stupor than give any practical advice or guidance.

Join our reluctant hero as he is born into a place known only as the Nexus and learns what it means to be a Guardian. How much work must he do before he can just settle down and relax for a minute?