Integrated Universe, Part 1

King Maker

Media Type:Audiobook
Genre(s):Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Narrator(s):Trevor Wilson
Publish Date:07/18/2023
Run Time:11 Hours, 21 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Jeremiah was minding his own business, doing a little recreational breaking and entering at a secluded mountain compound, when Earth was transitioned into the Integrated Universe, curing diseases and halting the aging process. The only problem? Terrible monsters now inhabit the planet alongside mankind looking to make a meal out of all the disease-free humans. The first thing Jeremiah faces after waking is a monster intent on destroying all native species in its new domain. Somehow, he manages to survive certain death and, in the process, become the first person on Earth to achieve Elite status and gain the use of an Elite Trainer. Now, together with his new Trainer, he must try to conquer the world, literally, because it’s the only way he will survive.

King Maker is the first book in the Integrated Universe LitRPG adventure, a series full of monsters, loot, leveling up, civilization building, dungeon diving, and a personal enhancement system that grants anyone near immortality if they can survive all the monsters…and each other. If you like epic fantasy adventures with RPG gaming elements, you’ll be glad Earth is now part of the Integrated Universe!