A Time for Hope

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Emma Wilder
Publish Date:12/03/2020
Run Time:9 Hours, 17 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Lexi Reed was unstoppable, or so she thought. As the PR manager of international rock band Power Station, she was a long way from her old life in Melbourne. Married to one of the sexiest men alive (Power Station’s guitarist, Alex Stone), she was living beyond any fantasy she could have imagined. And after finally allowing the walls from her past to fall, she had learned to trust again. But her happiness is short lived when heartache and trauma throw everything she knows into turmoil. Her world comes crashing down around her, and now she’s struggling to regain her sense of self. Unable to regroup and heal under the scrutiny of the media and her well-intentioned loved ones, she can’t seem to find the road back to the old “Lexi.” Alex is devastated. His beautiful, intelligent, and once confident wife is now distant and guarded, the product of the brutality she has suffered. He feels powerless but is determined not to lose her. With her gorgeous rock-star husband by her side and her eclectic but devoted circle of friends, Lexi starts over. In order to find a way to reconcile the past and build a future, she must let go and trust them to help her. In this final installment of the series, relationships are tested, terms are renegotiated, and lives are irrevocably changed. With the hope that their love for each other is strong enough to carry them through, Lexi and Alex gamble everything in search of their happily ever after.