The Investigator

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Grace Grant
Alexander Cendese
Publish Date:11/10/2020
Run Time:6 Hours, 47 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Private investigations is a hard game. Luckily, I’m harder. But when the sexiest woman to ever uphold the law meets me (the man who makes up his own), what did we expect? The answer: Not love. I learned long ago to create my own rules in the business of private investigation. In short? Do the burning. Never get burned. Until she shows up again in the middle of my case. Penelope Castalano. My best friend’s attorney. Back in my city and breaking the only deal we’ve ever made. I know I should stay away from her sassy mouth, her curvy lithe figure; I do. But when we’re both caught in a government cover-up that compromises everything I care for, I soon learn a new rule: Certain scandals never die. Only their victims do. And I’d better make damn sure Penelope and I aren’t next…