Witches of Pressler Street, Part 3

Spellbound Magic

Media Type:Audiobook
Supernatural & Paranormal
Narrator(s):Cassandra Morris
Publish Date:08/25/2020
Run Time:7 Hours, 2 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


The Hadstrom sisters have a blood bond fused by ancient magic that was broken apart by sibling rivalry. But they’re running out of time. Magic in Austin is undergoing some serious changes. None of them are good. The grackles have disappeared from their perch along the tree lines, and no one is keeping watch. Austin’s in for a serious communication blackout, and the sisters are on their own. Can the witchy sisters come together to destroy the remaining energy cores before magic falls silent? Danger is creeping ever closer to home. The Gorafrex is after Nickie. Will she be able to keep her family secrets from Chuck? Potions are right up Emily’s alley, but can she control them? Can the witches put the pieces of the puzzle together and get the Gorafrex back in its prison before it’s too late?