Good Food, Bad Diet

Media Type:Audiobook
Diet & Nutrition
Narrator(s):Natalie Duke
Publish Date:05/27/2021
Run Time:6 Hours, 59 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


There are so many diets out there, but what if you want to eat well and lose weight without dieting, counting, or restricting? What if you want to love your body, not punish it? Registered dietitian Abby Langer is here to help. For the past twenty years, Abby has worked with clients from all walks of life to free them from restrictive diets and help them heal their relationship with food—because all food is good for us—yes, even carbs and fats—and all diets are bad. Diets are like Band-Aids for what’s really bothering us. Although we might lose weight, they prey on our insecurities, rob us of time and money, and often leave us with the same negative views of food and our bodies that we’ve always had. And when the weight comes back, we still haven’t solved the real issues behind our eating habits—our “why.” This book is different. Chapter by chapter, Abby helps uncover that “why” and explains how to make lasting, meaningful changes in the way we see food, nutrition, ourselves, and the world. In this book, you’ll learn how guilt and shame affect your food choices, how fullness and satisfaction aren’t the same feeling, why it’s important to quiet your “diet voice” and enjoy food, and what the best way to eat is according to science. Empowering, inclusive, smart, and a must-have, Good Food, Bad Diet will give you the tools to reject diets, repair your relationship with food, and lose weight so you can move on with your life.