Overcoming the Mom-Life Crisis

Ditch the Guilt, Put Yourself on the To-Do List, and Create a Life You Love

Media Type:Audiobook
Narrator(s):Heather Costa
Publish Date:04/26/2021
Run Time:5 Hours, 54 Minutes
Publisher:Dreamscape Media


Nina Restieri was a wife, a mom of four young kids, and a successful entrepreneur. Despite having what most people would consider “it all,” happiness eluded her. She beat herself up daily for not being grateful. But as she looked around, she realized most of the moms she knew shared that same sense of sadness, stress, and overwhelm, all while working hard to keep up the “perfect mom” appearance. Desperate for a change and tired of crying behind a locked bathroom door, Nina embarked upon a ten-year journey that led her to unexpected places—including a pole-dancing studio—for peace and solace. After digging deep and facing some painful truths, she emerged knowing she deserved more than she was giving herself and figured out that a mom can take care of her kids and take care of herself. Like a permission slip for mothers to love themselves as much as they do their children, this book chronicles Nina’s journey to putting her mom-life crisis behind her—forever—and offers up a roadmap so you can too.