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The first in-depth biography of the legendary singer and "Voice of the Civil Rights Movement" A leader of the 1960s folk revival, Odetta is one of the most important singers of the last hundred years. Channeling her anger and despair into some of the most powerful folk music the world has ever heard, Odetta made lasting political, social, and cultural change. But Odetta’s importance extends far…

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Two men, one a white segregationist and Klansman, a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, and the other a white SNCC—Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee—civil rights worker, first met, violently, in Greenwood, Mississippi in 1965 and barely avoided ruining each other's lives. They meet 43 years later, on camera, to explore whether reconciliation is possible. Byron (Delay) de la Beckwith Jr. and…

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