Work With Us

Dreamscape Media is an award-winning independent publisher of a wide array of genres. In 2023, we launched a new division called Dreamscape Lore that’s dedicated to publishing exemplary sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks.

How does Dreamscape work with Influencers and Reviewers?

  1. Street Team. Dreamscape does not provide monetary compensation for being a part of our Street Team as there is no posting obligation. Instead, we provide you with free copies of audiobooks to voluntarily read and review if you so choose, however, it is not required for you to do so. There is also the possibility of receiving mailings from us, such as SWAG boxes, as a perk for being a part of our audiobook Street Team.
  2. Netgalley. By signing up for an account with Netgalley, you can request, listen, and review a free copy of one of our audiobooks.

Why join our Street Team?

  • Get your hands on key select ALCs before anyone else
  • Help promote award-winning authors and narrators
  • Join a fun community of passionate book lovers
  • Be considered for periodic SWAG boxes
  • And, of course, FREE audiobooks!

Who can apply to be a part of your program?

We’re looking for active reviewers and influencers who are passionate about audiobooks and are also 18 years of age or older.

What type of influencers do you work with?

We work with a variety of influencers. We are currently looking for Bookstagrammers, Booktokers, BookTubers, and other book reviewers, however, we are always open and looking for other influencers whose primary focus is not books.

Do you work with Influencers who reside outside of the United States?

Yes we do, however, there may be instances where we cannot work with certain territories for a campaign depending on the audio rights and restrictions.

I am a part of your Street Team. What do I have to do when posting? 

If you decide to post a voluntary review from a free audiobook you received from us, please tag us. We ask that you make it clear you have received a free copy.

As we are an audiobook publisher, we would greatly appreciate either in the review or photo/video that it is made clear that you listened to an audio copy.

I have been on a previous Street Team campaign with Dreamscape this year. Will I be in other Street Team campaigns throughout the year?

Maybe! We only have a limited number of people that can be on each Street Team campaign and we want to try and give as much people as possible a chance to participate on one our Street Teams. We always keep in mind what books, authors, and narrators you like to read so we can best match you with a campaign-centered around an audiobook you’ll hopefully enjoy reading.

If you are media/PR, have questions or need help, contact us at