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17 05, 2024

10 Must-Listen Sci-fi and Fantasy Audiobooks by Asian Authors

May 17th, 2024|General|

Books have always been a gateway to transport readers from the real world and their daily life -- that's doubly so for speculative fiction books where the reader is transported to all things impossible and fantastical. However, it's hard for many readers to truly be transported into a story when the stories consistently being published [...]

9 04, 2024

Epic Tales Beyond the Stars: Must-Listen Space Opera Audiobooks

April 9th, 2024|General|

If you’ve ever tuned in for an episode of Star Trek, Futurama, or Cowboy Bebop; binged the Star Wars movies one weekend with friends; sat down to read Dune or Ender’s Game; or played Mass Effect or Starfield, you have enjoyed a space opera story. This sub-genre of sci-fi is known for its character-driven stories [...]

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